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Friday, 01 May 2009 14:20
The primary purpose of the Peace Highway Challenges is to encourage and support individuals and teams, of different ages and backgrounds, to become involved in future problem solving and design applications.  Our primary hope is that the experience of being involved in this future problem solving exercise will have intrinsic value to those that participate and hopefully provide insight and motivation for individuals and teams to apply their research and discoveries to the real world.

While the Peace Highway Challenge is not a strict competition with only one winner per category we have elected to award Peace Points to every serious submission based on the quality and effort demonstrated in the material submitted.  (See Submission Rules/Judging section.)  We then would like to offer participants the following types of rewards beyond their intrinsic experience.

  1. All participants will receive a Peace Highway Challenge Certificate for their submission on which they will also receive the total points awarded.  This certificate will be important to verify their points when and if they might elect to redeem their points.
  2. All participants will receive the feedback from at least two judges who evaluated their submission along with their scoring of points.
  3. All participants will have their scores posted on the Points Database section of this website.
  4. All participants who elect to do so will have their name and email contact posted so that others can communicate and share comments with them.
  5. Submissions of Merits will be posted on this website so that their efforts can be shared with others.
  6. As our programs develop we would like to sponsor regional, national and hopefully international Peace Highway conferences in which Submissions of Merit will be invited to present and share their conclusions to the public.
  7. The judges we invite to evaluate submissions will be from the real world of architecture, engineering, government, planners, and educators so we hope this crossing of paths with real life professionals may lead to job and educational opportunities for individual participants.
  8. The Unogeo Institute currently sponsors Internet college courses at www.unogeolearningcenters.org and they are willing to redeem Peace Points toward actual one credit hour courses.  The specific courses and requirements for these courses will be announced soon in the UPDATE REPORTS section of this website.  Basically participants will be able to redeem their awarded points for college credit courses.
  9. The Unogeo Institute also sponsors the development of new technologies in urban wind mills that can generate electricity and hydrogen fuel.  Peace Highway participants will be able to redeem their points toward the leasing of these units when they are available to the public.  More details on this program will be shared soon in the UPDATE SECTION.  Basically participants, especially teams, will be able to redeem their points toward an urban wind mill electric generating system for their school in the near future.  More details at www.earthenergymill.com
  10. The Unogeo Institute owns the website at www.shoptoearn.net/unogeo  It will be possible for participants to redeem points toward discounts on millions of products from well known retail stores and from environmental friendly retailers in the near future, as well as discounts on gifts from our own PEACE HIGHWAY CHALLENGE GIFT SHOP.  Watch for more details on UPDATE REPORTS.
  11. As our program develops it is our hope that additional sponsors will be identified who will offer specific opportunities for services, products and tuition to our participants.  As these opportunities develop they will be posted. We sincerely hope to be able to offer an exchange of actual travel on the Peace Highway someday for points awarded each year.
  12. It is also possible as we develop contacts with commercial and celebrity sponsors that participants in the Peace Highway Challenge may be able to redeem their points for cash someday.  Exactly how this will work or what ratio of points to cash will be offered is yet to be developed.  But we mention this because it might be an option for participants to hang on to their awarded points to see what opportunities may be available in the future.


       We wish to fully disclose that this is a new program and that many of the potential opportunities to redeem points are not available at this time.  The offers related to the Unogeo Institute for college courses, urban wind mill and retail discounts will be available by the time the first points are awarded in 2009.  Additional opportunities will be posted under UPDATE REPORTS as they become available.   

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