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By James Hennager PhD

Beware.  The drums of war.  They are beating.  In the back rooms.  On the airwaves. Around the café tables.  “What we need is a really BIG WAR to get us out of this financial mess.”  “A war big enough to let our broke car companies build new and improved tanks and our broke manufactures build new fighter jets and new razzle dazzle weapons of mass destruction.” “Who really cares if a few million innocent women, children and other life forms get killed, we have plenty to go around?”  “War has saved our economy before and a really BIG WAR can do it again.”

Arrogant stupidity abounds.  If the truth ever were known the real reason we have wars on this planet is to create wealth for some at the expense of others.  It is a test for the humanity on earth.  Maybe a final exam.  If we flunk this one it could be our last exam.

PLAN B.  We really need to go to a PLAN B this time.  Instead of a BIG WAR let’s develop a BIG PROJECT that can get hundreds of thousands of companies involved and employee billions of people.  Like an international mass transit system. A PEACE HIGHWAY. Let’s build an underground tube system that can move people, products and ideas by electromagnetic or gas plasma or pneumatic means at the speed of sound for next to nothing each trip.

Let’s make this project owned by the people of earth to benefit everyone and not just a few.  This citizen owned company could generate jobs, new technologies, and new communities for billions of people around the globe.  It could raise capital to build schools, hospitals, roads and homes around our planet for everyone.

You could get into a capsule in New York, push a few buttons and end up in New Delhi in a few hours. No more dangerously crowded airports or congested highways.  No more bad weather or slick roads to worry about.   The tubes could be built by laser technology creating the tube as it goes under super highways, mountains, lakes and oceans.  China could do it.  Russia could do it.  Iran could do it.  We could go over the North Pole. We could connect our world instead of destroying it.  

WHY NOT?  We can convert military industrial companies into transit companies.  We can create jobs by the millions.  We can create profitable opportunities.  We can create new peaceful communities everywhere the tube goes.  Within fifty years we could have five billion people living in new safe environmentally sound balanced communities with everyone having a home, food, water, education, health care and a personal income from new jobs.  CAN WE DO IT?  YES WE CAN.  WHY NOT PUT TECHOLOGY TO USE FOR PEACE THIS TIME?    

James Hennager PhD is president of the nonprofit Unogeo Institute, which is sponsoring a feasibility study for this project as well as opportunities for students and individuals to get involved.  James lives in Nevada, Iowa. If interested in contributing your feedback, ideas or talents go to: www.peacehighway.org

Dr. Hennager can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 191, Nevada, Iowa USA 50201

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