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   If you have been invited to join a SHOPPING FOR PEACE TEAM I would like to welcome you to our Peace Highway website.  You are always welcome to browse around our website to learn more about the Peace Highway challenges and our programs.  As a nonprofit organization (Unogeo Institute) we always have the challenge of raising enough money to sponsor our programs.  We will greatly appreciate your participation in our SHOPPING FOR PEACE team project to help raise funds to allow us to send invitations to students in schools and colleges in over 200 countries.

    Our Peace Highway Design Challenge to school and college students ask them to design better futures for everyone in designs for mass transit systems, new communities, and better economic and cultural alternatives.  Students can also participate by becoming a volunteer for the Peace Highway programs.

    All Peace Highway volunteers earn points by various means and these points can be redeemed for online college credits, discounts on products, in some cases cash and someday even free miles on the Peace Highway.  All volunteers points can be tracked on this website in the section called Peace Points Database.  As a volunteer you will be able to see your total points each month in this section as well.

    As a volunteer in the SHOPPING FOR PEACE program you will earn points in the following ways:

  1. 1000 points for signing up as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER in the following site www.shoptoearn.net/unogeo
  2. 1000 points for signing up as a member of this website by going to the section called REGISTER WITH US.
  3. Ten points for every dollar you spend from our www.shoptoearn.net/unogeo website as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER.
  4.  You can also earn points by volunteering your time in a variety of other ways from sending emails to doing online research for our organization.  If you might be interested just let us know.

   As a PREFERRED CUSTOMER there are no requirements to spend any minimum amount, you never will have to pay for any registration and we will never share your email identity.  As a team member we will from time to time send you updates on our progress.   Our Shop to Earn website has over 1000 well known stores like GAP, TARGET, K-MART and SEARS.    Feel free to browse our long list of retail stores with many known for being environmental friendly and having super safe products.  Being a volunteer  of SHOPPING FOR PEACE can be fun, save you money as discounts at over 1000 stores and you will know that you are on a team doing what you can to make this planet a better place.

   So the first thing you need to do is go to our shopping website and register as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER.  You will find the link to register in the top right corner of our site at www.shoptoearn.net/unogeo

    We welcome you as a new team member.  Thank you.

Jim Hennager/President

Unogeo Institute/Peace Highway

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 The Peace Highway has a tremendous need for volunteers for a wide variety of needs from sending emails to helping judge presentations.  If you have some time and are willing to volunteer please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Volunteers will be awarded Peace Points that can be applied to college courses from www.unogeolearningcenters.org or discounts on products from www.shoptoearn.net/unogeo.  To become a volunteer please go to the Registration section on this site and submit your information as a volunteer.  You will be contacted on how to begin.  Thank you.

The following are areas we will greatly appreciate volunteers:  (Please contact us before starting on any of these.  Thank you. )

1. Sending emails to schools, organizations and individuals to promote our Peace Highway Program.  (10 points per email sent out and 25 points for every return message and address)

2. Sending emails to companies, organizations and celebrities to become sponsors. (10 points per email sent out and 25 points for every return message and address)

3. Being a judge for any of our categories and volunteer projects. (1000 points per submission evaluated.)

4. Writing grant requests to raise funds.  (up to 10,000 points per submission)

5. Assist our webmaster in upgrades and maintenance of our website. (points related to time and level of expertise.)

6. Being involved in our feasibility studies for countries and regions. (points awarded according to time and level of expertise)

7. We need people to do research on technologies as well as geography and geology related to Peace Highway. (points related to time and level of expertise.)

8. We need people from many countries to develop communications to appropriate government officess. (points related to time and level of expertise.)

9. We need people willing to do Internet research to develop an indepth bibliography of related resources. (25 points per valid link)

10. We need individuals willing to be "Standby Assistants" to take on assignments as they come up. (points related to time and level of expertise.)

DISCUSSION NOTE:  It is our policy that when we have the opportunity to start hiring individuals for part time and full time positions that we will go to the pool of our strongest volunteers first to find the best candidate.

If you would like more information on volunteer activities please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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