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  The Unogeo Institute and the Peace Highway Challenge are sponsoring a long range feasibility study of the entire concept of an International Peace Highway.

This study will survey companies and experts to find out what the feasibility might be and what major problems may lie ahead for such a project.  This project hopes to find the basis for actually moving ahead with the project as soon as possible.  The first concept of this idea was shared to students and professionals by Dr.Hennager in the 1970's but with no positive acceptance.  The same response was pretty much the case until the last few years when he found that students actually saw it as a real possibility.  Technology may have improved or maybe the imagination of students had expanded but late in 2008 with the economic crisis going global Dr. Hennager decided it was time to move the concept forward as quickly as possible, as a potential alternative to the Big War talk developing around the globe.  The earlier name for this project was the Earth Transit System which has now been changed to the Peace Highway Challenge.  An earlier manuscript of this concept by Dr. Hennager is posted below for historical connection.  Anyone interested in participating in this feasibility study is welcome to contact Dr. Hennager at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text61109 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




By James Hennager PhD

10-6-02    It is always interesting to watch ideas and concepts develop in a culture.  Most new ideas and new products seem to suddenly appear in newspapers or on a store shelf but actually most new things have a historical tail to them.   Sometimes it can take years for a new product or idea to come forward.  Most new products have gone through years of testing and research before they are available to consumers.   Sometimes an idea or concept comes long before the technology is available to make it happen in reality. This all is very true of the idea of a global mass transit system which I have a called the “Earth Transit System” or “ET System” for years.  

Ten years ago my students almost rolled in the aisle when I would talk about a transportation system that would allow a person to enter into a booth in New York City, push some buttons, and swoosh through a system of tubes to appear in Los Angeles six hours later for $35.   Even a year ago some of my students would accuse me of watching too much science fiction; but this year I am getting a different reaction.   They sense that this idea’s time may be near at hand.     In fact, a number of factors are coming together in the last year that may propel the ET System forward rather quickly:

1.     The 9/11 terrorist attack on New York and Washington D.C. were connected to commercial airlines.   These attacks showed how vulnerable our commercial airlines were to terrorism, but also highlighted how massive the number of airline flights are today, and how potentially dangerous any breakdown in radar or communications could be to airline safety.  Several large airports in the United States are handling an airplane every 30 seconds.

2.     Travelers have always been a little skittish about flying thousands of feet in the air in a tin can with motors, but suddenly we see travelers taking a second thought about flying.

3.     Companies around the world are quickly becoming international corporations moving products, services, ideas and people around the globe.  

4.     New trade agreements are opening up opportunities to move even more goods across international boundaries.

5.     Shipping goods by boats has become too slow for many products.

6.     Shipping by air is often still too expensive for most products.

7.     Shipping by railroads has become a nightmare in parts of the world.

8.     Shipping by trucks has taken over most major highway systems to the point of becoming a severe safety factor in many states.

9.     The new tunnel underneath the English Channel has connected England and France quite successfully.

10.  Super fast trains and monorails in Europe, Japan and now China are proving very feasible.

11.   New technologies for digging underground tunnels have come to the point where lasers can melt material and form it into circular walls of a new tunnel.   We are now capable of building circular underground tunnels almost anyplace on earth, and connecting them into a giant transit system.  (A map of possible transit system is attached.)

12.  The mode of this kind of transportation can be electro-magnetic, pneumatic, nuclear and soon even gas plasma engines, some at speeds of over 600 miles per hour.

     For years I assumed that this technology and transit system would emerge in North America, probably using the space underneath our present Interstate Highway System, or possibly under aging railroad lines; but I can see now that the politics from oil companies and car manufacturers in the United States might make it almost impossible for these concepts to be started in America.   Of course, Americans are still in love with their personal cars but the ET System is not a replacement for personal autos.   An ET System would be designed to move products, services, ideas and people over longer distances, at higher speeds, greater safety, and hopefully at an inexpensive cost.

      I am now of the opinion that any ET System would be more likely to come first out of the Middle East, for some very interesting reasons.   There is no other region on the planet earth that needs to develop closer lines of communications, trade and human understanding than the Middle East.   The Middle East needs a major boost to economic development, in new cities, new homes, new jobs, and new prosperity. The Middle East is located in a pivotal geographic location, just as it has throughout history, to encourage and support enhanced trading on three continents.   The Middle East has the potential of becoming a giant world trade center.  The Middle East has a history of developing major new civilizations, technologies and the leadership of new ideas.

       If the people and governments of the Middle Eastern countries could get past the problems they face today, and start working together with strategies that would benefit all of the people of the Middle East, and not just a select group of individuals and companies, the Middle East could see a flourishing of economic growth from bottom up in a very short time. An underground fast transit system that connected all of the countries of the Middle East could break down national barriers and resolve the major conflicts we see there today.  Goods and services, as well as people from around the world could pass through the Middle East by the millions every day in such a transit system.   

    At speeds of 600 miles per hour it will be nonsense to have millions of people stop at every national border to have papers inspected.  Thousands of new cities and specialized communities would pop up everywhere the transit tubes would be built.   Some of these new cities would be universities, some medical centers, some for storing goods, and some for manufacturing new goods.  The tubes could carry products and people as well as oil, natural gas and fresh water to almost anywhere on this planet.  The Middle East could be a major provider of all these products via the transit tubes.

    There is another major reason why I see the Middle East as the place for this kind of new technology and concept to begin.   Sometimes new ideas can only become viable when all of the other options seem to be moving toward an undesirable end.   In the Middle East today, October 6, 2002, we are looking at a group of nations that are facing the threat of a regional war that could engulf the world into a nuclear World War III.   These countries need options on the table to move them away from this end. 

  I do not believe it is too late for these countries to move to new scenarios.  If they continue down their present path the entire civilization on this planet could come to an end.   It should be obvious to people that another war will not resolve anything in this region, and in fact, may actually make things move to a larger world wide conflict.  The obvious path is for the leaders and people of these countries to sit down, and discuss new options that can take them in new directions.    The countries of the Middle East have the opportunity to take the leadership position in developing an Earth Transit System, by working together they can build a regional economic development plan that can move people from earning a dollar a day and living on 800 calories day to a new higher standard of living for all of their people. 

    I would hope that this new Earth Transit System might be organized around a “Peace Corporation” where all the employees could be stockholder owners with one vote each.   Individual nations can keep their culture, their heritage, and their customs but still be open to global ideas.    I will tell you that I am a globalist, even when it is not popular to be a globalist.   I believe we must find ways to live together as one planet.  We are One Earth.  We are the people of One Earth.

 Our test is that we must somehow find ways for all the people of earth to have equality, justice, and opportunities for prosperity; and this can only happen if they have jobs, homes, food, water, medical services, education, and safe communities.   I am a bottom up globalist.  I can see that the top down elitist kind of globalist has their own selfish agenda; but I ask them, “What good is it to have all the oil in the world if there is no one left to drive a car?” 

     The people of earth need new options for a better future.  An Earth Transit System developed and operated by a worldwide employee owned company dedicated to peace and prosperity for everyone sounds good to me.   People who have strong hopes for tomorrow will want to keep improving tomorrow for themselves, as well as their children and grandchildren.   Billions of children will appreciate your leadership today.  What say you?





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